Helping You Grow

So you can become the best you can be

Calm Academy’s  (part of Calm Journey Therapy)  goal is to provide the community access to group learning courses and group therapies for children and adults alike.

With technology continually increasing and being accepted as a part of our daily lives, we are all unfortunately confronted with the unique aspect of having our lives easily compared with others. Through no fault of our own, values and ideas of how we should and should not be and behave, are being thrown at us from phones, tablets and the internet. This has resulted in a generation of people who feel that their lives are not ‘good’ enough, and generation after of generation of people whose self esteem is becoming lower and lower.

Calm Academy’s sole goal is to provide support to any child or adult that may be going through difficult or turbulent times.  Through education and training, we can provide awareness, training and group therapies, helping change and raise peoples confidence.